The secret of the network cards

 On Sunday afternoon, Birgit und Michael went to see a concert by the Kenyan Youth Orchestra. Two of the musicians attended St. Scholastica School, and are you violin tutors at their alma mater. The Orchestra has also performed at various international events, e.g. for United Nations. What’s strange, though, is that the Kenyan government doesn’t deem it necessary to support these young people financially, meaning they have to rely on institutional and corporate sponsorship – a sad state of affairs. After the concert, we went for a double mocha at Java, an obligatory part of every Kenya trip.

On the Saturday before the concert, IT teacher Charles cloned the server disk with the 16.04 version, which we’d luckily brought in our hand luggage rather than in the suitcase that had been cracked. The disk was mounted into the backup server and linked to a client using the switch. Michael, full of hope, booted up the client over the network – but no luck. Thankfully Hans-Peter had sent over the documentation for the master solution, allowing Michael to start the “Rom-o-matic” procedure. After the image had been downloaded and re-named, the file was to be copied into the Rom-o-matic folder… but no chance! According to the documentation, that folder was meant to be inside another folder called mirror, but it wasn’t there. In the end, we finally found it inside the folder /media/data/pxe-client/rom-o-matic … so the master solution ought to be updated sometime soon. Because it still wasn’t working. HP said that the device allocation didn’t seem to be right, and that the network cards probably need to be re-configured. And Michael’s workshop folder is still inside a moving box back in Konstanz. So now we have to mobilize our L4A helpline.