Progress, there’s no stopping it    

Time’s passing by so fast, it’s pretty much flying. The IT classrooms are mostly (or, “still”) in working order – the system was re-installed on all the machines that dropped out on us. The projector, however, needed to, well… have its winter jacket taken off. Some genius had wrapped it up, so it would overheat within 10 minutes and die (I mean, turn off) on us. Let’s see if it works without the extra layers tomorrow. It’s pretty useful for the daily training sessions (Libreoffice Writer today, for example).

Michael astonished the math teacher with a video showing how to solve the third root of a 4-digit number within 5 seconds. He then went on a trip to the worlds of biology and chemistry (atomic structure, covalent and ionic bonds, heart function) along with the science teacher.

A new feature was introduced in class 2 today – Android tablets. Sister Emily had ordered more than 50 of them. What the kids can see and do on them is controlled by a management program (laptop) using a router (on WiFi). Which brings us back to networks, as the connection hasn’t worked yet and the seller (who had been commissioned to do the instruction briefing) seemed to be at a loss. More updates on this once it’s working. With the introduction of modern technology, there will come a time when we’ll need to ask what the computer labs will be used for, that is to say what applications are not suitable for tablets. But it’s going to be a while before we have to start thinking about all that.