Moving ahead slowly
Hooray! We managed to boot the client using LAN. Thanks to our helpline (consisting of HP and Flöschie as backup), we manage to solve our network problem. Although there’s still no answer to the question of why “Ubuntu 14.04” appears on screen when booting up the computers and not “Ubuntu 16.04”. That needs to be checked back in Freiburg (as does the documentation update!). For that reason, Michael made the decision not to update now and do it next year instead. The 16 version is now going to be installed on two stand-alone computers. Apart from that, there’s plenty left to do. All the computers in the classrooms need to be tested for functionality. The BIOS battery is just about empty and needs to be changed in many of the clients. And there’s some tidying to be done. Last year, client 1 was set next to client 2 etc. Everything’s a bit upside-down in IT room 2. Or did we leave it like that last year?

Michael also installed Ubuntu 16.04 on two Windows laptops (using dual-boot) from Karen that were having WiFi problems, and introduced the new operating system to the Sisters in the convent. He’s continuing this introductory training every day after school’s out, using the projector installed on site.

And it’s going to be party time again on Sr. Veridiana’s name day.