Nozuko Mgwebi

My name is Nozuko Mgwebi, born on the 28 July 1984 from a small village Hanover in Eastern Cape, South Africa. I’m a single mother to Lilitha whose five years- old girl. I live in a three room’s house with my grandmother, my aunt, six cousins, my two sisters and a brother. My mother is working in Cape Town as a domestic worker and she is the one supporting the whole family with the help of my grandmother’s pension grand.

When my baby was three years old my mother sends me to Hilltop Empowerment Centre to do Computer Literacy Course. After I finish my course I went to Cape Town to seek for jobs, in two weeks time I received a call from Vuyokazi Tomi a friend who was working at Hilltop that Hilltop is looking for three people to undergo an I.T training course and they were going to be sponsored by a Swiss guy Eric Meier.  I was so excited and came back from Cape Town to grab that opportunity with both hands. In the end I was one of the chosen. I was trained for six month and during my training I was also introduced to Linux by Hans- Peter and Franz from Linux 4 Afrika. After that three weeks Course I experienced that Linux is cheaper and virus free as compared to Windows which I was using before hence I decide to quit Windows and use Linux. I am used to Linux now because even at work (Hilltop) we are using X2Go server for Schools.

After my six month training Hilltop decide to employ me as a Technician, Administrator and also as a Stock Manager. I’m earning R1500.00 per month and I’m still working for Hilltop. In April this year my Sponsor Eric Meier came to visit with his business partner Anke Mosbacher and they went to my home. They were so touched to see the situation I was living in and they both decided to loan me R10 000.00 so that I can build my shack and have my own space.

I started dreaming about opening my internet café in 2007 after I finished my Computer Literacy Course and that dream start to come true when Hilltop gave me a computer as a Christmas gift in December 2009. I want to use that computer for better use because now I am just using it to play music, my baby to play games and to watch movies. Today I have a computer and my own space, all I need now is a machine that can print, copy, scan and fax i.e. 4 in 1.

Since Hanover is a small poor village I want to start my business using one computer. I am going to use Ubuntu 10.4 because the program I am going to use for Internet (Makahawa) runs smoothly on 10.4. By doing this I’m also decreasing the rate of unemployed youth in my village because my sister is going to be the one looking after my business while I am at work. She is also doing a computer course now and she is finishing by the end of this month.

If things go my way I was planning to start my business this coming Summer Season which is November and December because by then people are busy looking for temporal and permanent jobs so they will need typed and printed CV’s. Also by that time people are coming back from the Cities for holiday, they can come to my internet café and chat to their friends via Email, and other social networking e.g. Face book.

Hope to here from you soon!!!

Yours faithfully

Nozuko Mgwebi