x2go Certification Training started

This Monday, 20th of June of 2011, CENFOSS staff, Celso Timana and Ercilio plus Paulo Cossa, received the first official training about the x2go certification in Africa. This certification will be needed for all future rollouts for all our partners in Africa. The objective of the training is to empowering CENFOSS staff in order to be able to deploy the new  x2go solution on Ubuntu 10.10. Additionally CENFOSS wil be the first certification partner to support other African countries with the mandatory support knowhow. All future request for Terminalserver support in any African country must be coordinated with CENFOSS first. CENFOSS will serve as a multiplier. First planned training for other nations will be september 2011 in South Africa.
Basic and medium Linux command line knowledge is mandatory for the training. Plus some general concepts of file systems, partitions, MBR, GRUB and other things.
The training started around 09:00 AM until 18:00PM. If nobody complained about lunch this means that the new topics presented by Hans-Peter Merkel really got CENFOSS attention.
With this training CENFOSS staff are now able to deploy the new solution for different type of disks sizes. This means that is no longer mandatory to have similar HDD for new deployment. Never forgetting the minimum size required for the hard drive! 100GB
Interesting thing was getting the knowledge on how to put a machine without a Network Card with EPROM (support for Boot on LAN) booting with the x2go server. For this part we, CENFOSS, receive the knowledge on how to get the vendor information of the NIC, how to have a lkrn  file and putting the information on the GRUB for the machine be able to boot with a regular Network Card.
At the end we rate the training as a VERY successful!

See bellow the pictures

NOTE: Although those pictures were take on 20th of June, the date of the digital machine was set to 2008.

Celso, Taca und HP