Warm greetings from the Eastern Cape…. Things went very well on the day that the computers arrived, it was cold and rainy and the shipment was unloaded in record breaking time 1 hour 30 minutes with our 13 willing and able assistants! The computers and the contents of the shipment, look amazing!

I am in charge of the monitoring of stock and inventory with Nozuko. We have one room that is our safe room for all the boxes  and TFT screens. We have agreed that either Rommel or myself must be there to check out any items needed. It is really absolutely fantastic to see how neatly things were packed, labeled and organized!

All is going well on our side.  Kyle, Nozuko and Ms. Booi are excited about the shipment and that the future with Hilltop and Linux 4 Afrika looks bright!

Many thanks for all of your effort and great care with your wonderful team of organizers there in Germany!

Best wishes,


Our new school with Hilltop and Linux 4 Africa
Nathanile Pamela School in Peddie
This is the new computer room that the school has designated for the Computer centre. Shane to the left is setting up the electrical connections, Dolly his wife there for the day, Rommel to check on the progress and Ntombi (in-tome-bee) the experienced Hilltop trainer who will be teaching in this Centre
The room is large and it is secure but there is clean up involved
Peter our Hilltop driver, also handy man who is working on the electricity with Shane working along the wall with all  the dusty books, just coming up for air to take a photo
Nathanile Pamela School-The home of 700 children in Peddie, 56 kilometers from King Williams Town. A centre which we plan to put approx. 30 computers in  for the students and training.