Isaac aus Tanzania
Vor 2 Jahren waren Franz, Michael und HP an der Dr. Didas Schule in Tanzania. Nun hat ein Schüler (Isaac) wieder Kontakt mit uns aufgenommen. Ein Bestpreis in IT ermöglicht ihm einen Aufenthalt in Kenia. Hier Auszüge aus seinen Mails:
I am Isaac from Dr.Didas secondary school in Tanzania. Currently in Kenya, the neighboring country to the west. How have you been? I cant forget the donation you gave to my school which made us all computer literates and now are able to get jobs. We are so grateful and forever will be. I hope the video you took of an act was liked by the people at the summit. Keep in touch and God bless You. When are you coming to Kenya, we need you guys here......
Glad you reply Pronto!
So sad about the picture and the video but thats fine. I actually merged among the top 5students in computer studies in the entire Country during the national exams with a 96%, thanx to the computers you gave us. Any way I would love to meet Franz when he gets to Nairobi. Please froward him my email address and request him to keep in touch.
I hope we will get to meet some day and that you are fine back in Germany with your family. God bless you and keep in touch.