Linux4afrika in Mozambique
The first classrom has been handed over to Malhazine Secondary School

Escola Secundária de Malhazine is now a milestone to Linux4Afrika implementation in Mozambique.

It happens to be the first School running this project in Maputo, Mozambique. The ceremony couldn't be better. The school principal, Dra Lucrécia Macamo agreed to host the ceremony on the school day, 16th of February. The ceremony was absolutely fantastic. Coca cola and other companies sponsored the ceremony and they made it a big event. The school has a very interesting and yet beautiful cultural group that delighted us with a variety of dances.

Soon after, followed many interesting activities that included planting trees, Samora Machel Trees (as 2011 was declared Samora Machel´s year). The trees where planted by Mrs Lucrécia Macamo from Malhazine Secondary School and Celso Timana from CENFOSS.

After the environmental friendly activity, it was time for speeches. The Director started by giving the attendants the history of the School and asking everyone to reaffirm their commitment with Education.
Celso, also took the stage to give a broad-view of the project and how it finally reached to Mozambique. Next, the classroom with 23 Computers running Edubuntu and a X2GO Server was open and the project was making its history in Mozambique. The Education District Director from the Ministry of Education had arrived and showed his gratitude for being able to host such a project.
He promised in the name of the institution he represents, to ensure the safety of all computer and classroom and he hopes more initiatives approach his district and as sign of goodwill, the School, represented by her Principal Mrs Lucrécia Macamo, celebrated the Memorandum of understanding with CENFOSS underlining her commitment to this initiative.

The event, included a toast and lasted until 15:00h. Though, that was not the end of the process, yet, the beginning of a bright era for education and all the student of Malhazine. Yes, Linux4afrika is running in Mozambique!

Many thanks to:

Rui Reina – RRD for the custom payments, Eduardo Timana for providing us a place to store the 131 computers, Adiodato Pereira for the photos at Malhazine, King&Sons for the container parking issue and CENFOSS students which provide us a lot of help.