A very successful week for Linux4Afrika
Mozambique – container out of the harbour

After yesterday´s good news from Kenya we received Celso´s message today, that our container, which had been sent from Leipzig, has finally left the harbour of Maputo and that Celso and his team have already unloaded it. You´ll find his report below.
Thanks a lot to you and your team, Celso! We think we know about all the work you have had during the past weeks.
We wish you success in starting Linux4Afrika in Mozambique.

From Celso:
A man told once that an image speaks more than thousand words. Is it that true? We will see now!
Legend of the pictures
1. the waiting
2. guess which truck is. and what is loading?
3. If you pick this one than you are right! now you know what are I am talking about.
4. If (Eduardo Timana (Celso's father)== happy) { echo "we are all happy; }
5. A lot of more man were expected but Celso's cellphone went down at harbor, so a lot of people stood behind.
6. The last two boxes
7. Dank schoen.  Ich bin sehr MUEDE!!!!!