Sr. Christiane

My name is Miriam and I am 18 years old. At this moment I am sitting in the lecture room in March- Buchheim, next to Freiburg, and participating in a course about Linux, organized by Linux4Afrika…

On the first of September I am going to leave for one year to South Africa for doing an eleven month voluntary service. There I will be about to teach computer skills, especially in Open Office. My workstation will be placed in the township Mdantsane, located between East London and King William’s Town.
I am looking forward to pass an exciting and fascinating year and I am encouraged I got this chance to gain new experiences this way…

I’m a bit nervous how things will be there, and what sorts of experiences i will get there but i’m shure it will be a great time, with a lot of new things and impressions. My assignment South Africa will be teaching  Students in Mathematics and assist with all kinds of computer related issues.
The seminar from Linux4Afrika, which is happening while i am writing right now, is great. Hans Peter gave us a good introduction in the System which we will use in SA. I am very curious how things will turn out without him. I want to say thank you to the whole Linux4Afrika team for this seminar and the possibility to learn a lot about this system which we will be using in the future.
Greets Alexander

my name is Jan-Marek, I am 19 years old and I am going to do a voluntary service in South Africa.
This year I achieved my Abitur and so I decided to take part at the  weltwärts program instead of doing a military service.
At the moment I am in March (Buchheim) and take part at a special course about the computer software I am going to work with. Hans Peter Merkel and his assistants talking about different aspects of LINUX and we can learn alot.
In South Africa I am going to teach basic computer stuff in a local school. So far I do not know exactly where my project take place but I think it will be a rural area.  My project hosts are  Hilltop Empowerment Centre in South Africa and  ijgd in Germany.
I am very curious about these 11 months and what experience I will make.

Hey Friends.
This is my first Post on any Page ever, put aside facebook. My name is Tristan. I am one of the heroic five volunteers who will fly to South Africa in September and approach a year as teacher and student. However, there is not much heroism to be found in this crash-course-seminar, here in freiburg (germany), where we -the volunteers- are taught in (linux) computerskills.
As admirer of the good old windows Xp, i have found myself confronted with my naivety. Within a day i have learned that the operating program i have worked with for many years is a joke. And the skills, that I thought i could realize in SA, are basically useless when working with the “real thing!” -linux. Nevertheless, i am positive about the fact that once i have worked myself through the haze of weird programming codes and odd penguin images i will be able to say goodby to Xp -forever.
Although my spirits where buckled from the unknown dimensions of linux i am excited and happy to take- and be part of this amazing project.

My name is Simon. Right now I am in Germany. Next month, on the first of September our airplane will depart to South Africa. This will be the beginning of an interesting, impressive and challenging year.
It will be my task to teach classes in computer technology in a local computer school in the township Dimbaza, ZA.
Here in Germany I am participating in a workshop about Linux and its attendant software solutions. We learn the concepts of the installed distributions, how to install, to service and to repair them. Therefore we are trained to be familiar with open source software applications. For me they are a completely new world. Until yesterday night I was just used to my good old Windows XP system.
I am very excited to go to South Africa. My mood changes always from concerns to overwhelming happiness.
I am looking forward to a year of formative impressions.

Further guests:

Glück im Unglück brachte mich nach Deutschland von Nairobi und damit zum Linux4Afrika-Seminar mit Einführung ins Programm, das wir in Kürze auch mit unseren Frauen im entfernten Riftvalley durchführen werden. Alles möglich Dank der großen Unterstützung von H.P. Merkel und seiner Mitarbeiter.
Sr. Christiane Spannheimer OSB, Nairobi

Bonjour Burundi
Je m’appelle Janvier. Je viens du Burundi. Burundi se trouve en Afrique central.  J’ etudie économie en Allemagne. J’étais à Buchheim où j’étais invité par Monsieur Hans Peter. Il voulait nous parler  l’importance de Linux. L’introduction sur Linux qu’il nous a fait, c’étais vraiment très intreressant. Ca m’a fait tellement  beaucoup de  plaisir car j’ai appris beaucoup de chose. J’ai pu voir comment Linux  fonctione. Et après j’aime beaucoup Linux.
Le message que j’ai appris ce qu’on peut aussi introduire Linux dans mon pays natal Burundi.
Pour terminer je remercie beaucoup  Monsieur Hans Peter pour l’invitation car c’etait magnifique.

St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg (Annemarie Bleile)
Ich bin Lehrerin am St. Ursula-Gymnasium in Freiburg und bei uns läuft schon seit Monaten die x2go Lösung. Hans-Peter Merkel hat bei uns in der Pausenhalle 10 Rechner aufgestellt, für die unsere Schülerinnen freien Zugang haben und die täglich mit Begeisterung genutzt werden.