Maputo, April, 4 2010
School Status Mozambique from Celso and Taca
As I said on our previous e email conversation on 28th of January,  from our visit we saw a lack of things: Doors and windows without grades, windows without glass. It simple doesn't work for security and good maintenance issues. Me and Taca, we already started last week the selection of the schools. So far we have pre-selected two.

The public schools that we visited have more than 20 classrooms and each of the classrooms have 50 to 60 students! The pedagogical director from one of the schools, Escola Secundaria Quisse Mavota (pictures and article about this one will come later today) told us that in Maputo there are schools with more than 100 students in one classroom.
So looking at the schools scenarios, our conditions now are:
1. Classrooms with space for at least 15 to 20 computers plus the server.
  20 will be good
2. Good electrical conditions.
Our distribution plan is:
1. One school within the city. But of course not with the same conditions as the school that had benefit in 2006. We are planning a school within the city to be as model for the Project and to be easy to present to anybody willing to know the project.
2. At least 4 schools outskirts of Maputo City. But this number depends on the computers that Linux4Afrika is counting to send to Mozambique
We finish our work today, 5th of April and then we can send an article describing the schools, conditions and plan for the roll-out.