X2go / Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)


FreiOSS.net e.V.  wants to foster Open Source on national and international level.
2006 we launched the Linux4Afrika Terminal-Server-Projekt for Tanzania and Mozambique.

In 2005 some of our African members did their internship at the German Highschool St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg. One of the tasks was to deploy a Terminal Server Solution for this school. Now there are a lot of Thin Clients in use. Those computers are not being used for classroom training. They are exclusively for the students. Additionally they serve as free Internet PCs. Operating System is Linux. Therefore the students collect first experiences with Open Source Software.
The success is overwhelming. During breaks and at times where no classes are being held, the PCs are always occupied.
Firefox as a Browser is not the only application. The Terminal Server provides all clients a lot of Open Source Software including Open Office. Special educational software is installed to extend training to the normal lessons. Even games are installed, which offers newbies the  chance to collect first experiences on Linux.

Our African students were very interested in transfering this project to their African countries. This is of course something what we want to support. Our first projects are launched in Mozambique and Tanzania. Now, in 2012, we also have projects running in South Africa, Kenya and Afghanistan. 

You will find detailed information about the Linux Terminal Server project and Ubuntu/Edubuntu on:
 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project and

We ask all our members (also guests visiting the website) to support this project. Of course we need your support. 

Hans-Peter Merkel
Chairman of FreiOSS