22 February 2008

Baraka and I are still in Bagmoyo and finish the training. The Agumba van is going to bring computer parts for the Kizuiani school and take us back to Dar es Salaam.

First we say good-bye to the headmistress and the staff of the Kizuiani school. Then there is a surprise for us: we are shown into a room where parents are waiting to talk to us and express their thanks. As often before we are deeply impressed by the great friendliness of the people here.

But there are also some drawbacks on this day – from flat tyres over power failures to misunderstandings with the hotel room for Michael.

And there is the rising pressure considering the remaining time and the work that is still to be done for the project. We haven't been able to contact enough schools and provide them with our computer system.

After talking among our team and with Paul and his team we decide that our trip to Zanzibar will have to be cancelled and the weekend will be dedicated to the project.

So we are going to work on our computers in the storeroom over the weekend and fix everything so that the computers are ready to be installed in schools.

We are worried about another problem. There is still a big number of computers which had been donated and are still waiting in Germany. How can they be delivered and put into operation more efficiently? Michael comes up with a splendid proposal. He wants to take over the cost of a flight for a motivated African administrator and take care of free accomodation for three months. During this time FreiOSS could provide the intern with all the necessary knowledge. The intern then , after returning, should commit himself – together with Agumba - to the delivery and installation of the Linux4Afrika computers for three or four months. We see that further support by our organization will be necessary and Michael's idea is worth considering. If we realize it that would mean additional costs for our organization. We will try to find sponsors for this idea of internship on the CeBIT fair in March.