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reports about Linux4Afrika again. Next issue of Linux Magazine (German edition) will also include a short report about us. Read "Einer für alle" Terminal Services with Edubuntu and LTSP-5 from Christian Kroll.

 Invitation (21.08.07 from Markus Feilner)



Thank you

Thank you very much, Cornelia Rettig and the 3sat team for your marvellous support. "3sat neues" introduced Linux4Afrika during their broadcast on August 19th. The feedback is huge. Many new sponsors have offered their help. Marcello Bellini will answer all mails soon.
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Further help needed


Starting October, Linux4Afrika starts collecting hardware for a second container. Storing about 200 computers needs a lot of space. That's why we are looking for sponsors in the Freiburg area who may support us with rooms where we can store the tested computers until the container will be shipped.

Thank you very much to all people sending us mails in which they offered their used computers. Biggest problem here is the transportation problem. We have received offers from Hamburg, Munich and Berlin and other cities. Unfortunately we cannot get the computers to Freiburg. We're therfore looking for people who drive to Freiburg and help us with transportation. As soon as the storage problem is solved, we would like to start this initiative.