Further Activities

Today's issue from Badische Zeitung publishes a report: "Ein Computersystem für Schulen in Afrika" about our project (see Press).

Invitation to first German Ubuntu Conference: Our Linux4Afrika Project will be introduced in Krefeld from 20/21. October 2007.

A new Partner : Celso Timana and  CENFOSS in Mozambique

Container arrived


This is our container waiting for our Linux-4Afrika Team to be filled tomorrow.


Hand over of donated school supplies


Our big thanks goes to Sandra Litz, a student from St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg. She is the one who managed the collection of donation for Linux4Afrika during the last weeks. She appeals parents, teachers, students but also companies to donate school supplies for our projekt. Thanks a lot to the other students helping her, Mrs. Bleile for her assistance and last not least thanks to all the donaters.

Time Schedule for our container

Shipment schedule:

Ship: SL Illinois
ETS: 21.07.07 from Rotterdam
ETA: circa 15.08. in Dar es Salaam

Where do donations go?


Paul Koyi, CEO of Agumba Computers and Linux4Afrika partner in Dar es Salaam will pay the shipping costs for the first container. The following schools have been preselected for the first delivery:

Computers will go to 2 of Dar es salaam city schools: Jangwani Girls School and Kisutu Girls School,  Infectious diseases health centre in Temeke Municipals council in Dar es salaam city, more information  www.ayaonline.org.Kowak Secondary school in the Northen Tanzania near Serengeti National Park in Mara Region almost bordering Kenya in the northern of Tanzania.

Another beneficiary will be Dr Didas  Secondary School in Chanika Area in the Coast region few kilometers from Dar es salaam towards least developed area in the southern Tanzania.

Also other ones will go to  about 5 or 6 Schools in Kilimanjaro region  in the Usambara mountains of Pare area, the constituency of deputy minister for Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives Hon. David Mathayo.

St. Ursula Gymnasium supports Linux4Afrika

Our partner highschool "St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg"  collects writing material for Linux4Afrika. Up to now they have collected four boxes with pens and other stuff that is needed in schools. Deadline is July 12th. Contact Partner is Sandra Litz. Thank you for this great support.

Helping Hands for Linux4Afrika will come


Upcoming August we welcome Sebastian P. Koyi and Baraka A. Onjare for a three month internship. From August to November they will attend an Open Source classroom training with other Tanzanian IT experts. Additionally they will learn how to install and configure the Linux4Afrika Edubuntu Terminalserver solution. After returning to Tanzania they will be the responsible team in Agumba Computers Ltd.

St. Ursula Highschool also welcomes the African students. They will reconfigure the two servers there with the same solution like in Tanzania, but in German language.
Both will also create the online documentation in Moodle for our Linux4Afrika website.


Wir sind beinahe fertig


Nach unserem heutigen Arbeitstreffen haben wir folgenden Hardwarebestand erreicht:

- 6 Server für max. 20 Thin Clients
- 4 Servers für max. 10 Thin Clients
- 202 Thin clients mit bootfähigen NICs
- 170 Monitore
- 12  Drucker (Laser und Tintenstrahler)
- 3 USV
- Kabel, Tastaturen, Mäuse and anderes Zubehör

Dazu kommt noch eine Menge Schul- und Büromaterial, das von Firmen und Privatpersonen gespendet wurde.

Die letzten Rechner wurden heute getestet und gereinigt. Bei den Monitoren sind wir, da wir nochmals Neuzugänge hatten, noch nicht ganz so weit.

Am Samstag, den 14. Juli werden wir den Container in der March beladen und am 16. Juli wird er auf den Weg nach Dar es Salaam gebracht.

Die "Problemchen und Unstimmigkeiten" der Zollabwicklung sind inzwischen auch geklärt.

An der Stelle ein großes Dankeschön an alle, die gestern wieder mit vollem Einsatz für unser Projekt gearbeitet haben.




Eine weitere Schule in Dar es Salaam, die uns bittet, sie mit PCs zu unterstützen. Mike, (Michael W. Mmbaga arbeitet für den Tanzania Social Action Fund), der zu unseren Partnern in Tansania gehört, leitete uns den Antrag der Schule und die Informationen und Bilder weiter.

Maurice secondary school is a private secondary school established in 2003, it si situated at the southwest of Temeke Municipal Council about 22km from Municipal hall in Dar es Salaam Region, Mbagala Division, Chamazi ward at Mbande Kisewe village with a total area of about 22,000 square metres. It is a day and Boarding school.

The school is designed to cater education services to all Tanzanian and Foreigners irrespective of their income and status. It is our mission to provide the best education programs, staff and other education facilities to fully meet the various education needs of our students.

School is currently conduct three programs, Ordinary level morning session, ordinary level special programme and Advanced level programme.




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